Understanding LSAT Prep Tests

Understanding LSAT Prep Tests

By law LSAT is required to disclose LSAT exams. The current format of the LSAT has been unchanged (the sole change was the introduction of “Comparative Reading” in June 2007) since 1991. The February test has traditionally not been disclosed (I don’t know why). This means that three LSATs a year have been disclosed since June of 1991. If you go the the Law Services site you will see that by December 2011 the Prep Tests will have reached number 63. Most (but not all of these are still available for purchases). In addition to these 63 tests the following are also available:

– the June 2007 LSAT which is a free download from the Law Services site; and
– the three non-released February LSATS which appear in “The Official LSAT SuperPrep”; and
– one non-released February LSAT which appeared in “The Official LSAT Prep Test” and now is part of “IntemWise”.

This means that you can have access to 68 actual LSAT exams which have been administered since June of 1991. Some of these are no longer available. But what is available are:

– Prep Tests 9 – 18 – may be found in “10 Actual LSATs”
– Prep Tests 19 – 28 – may be found in the “10 More Actual LSATs”
– Prep Tests 29 – 38 – may be found in “The Next 10 Actual LSATs”

– Prep Tests 52 -61 – may be found in the most recent book of 10 Actual LSATs (which include the newer “LSAT comparative reading” question type)

Most other LSAT prep tests are available for individual purchase.

Remember that the June 2007 LSAT is available as a free download. Take advantage of this.

It is interesting that the only commentary from LSAT is found in the “The Official LSAT SuperPrep” (making it the most important book in the world of LSAT preparation) the basic LSAT registration information. This has left a fertile ground for third party commentary on actual LSAT tests.

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