Advanced LSAT Test Preparation Books

Advanced LSAT Test Preparation Books

Well if a publisher calls the book “advanced”, I guess that we start by taking them at their word.

Kaplan – LSAT 180
ISBN-13: 978-0743265294

LSAT 180

This  “self proclaimed” advanced LSAT prep book is far better than the Kaplan basic LSAT book. It does not contain many questions at the harder end of the scale.  Actually, I would categorize it is a “High Intermediate” book. Note that this book is “out or print” – check the used bookstores. Please note also (that like most Kaplan LSAT books), this book does NOT use real/actual LSAT questions. That may be why the book is “out of print”. On the other hand, the book does contain very strong commentary (which is applicable  to actual LSAT questions). LSAT 180 has presumably been replaced by Kaplan LSAT Advanced.

Kaplan LSAT Advanced

Kaplan LSAT Advanced

ISBN-10: 1607146916

ISBN-13: 978-1607146919

One of my students once left this book in the classroom – it lived in my car for a few weeks before it  disappeared. I didn’t get a chance to look at it. That said, the reviews state that the book contains actual LSAT questions. “Some” reviews (meaning “there is at least one that” as all  LSAT test takers should know), criticized the explanations. Well, at least there are explanations – which is often not the case with books based on actual LSAT questions.

Advanced LSAT Practice – Outside  LSAT

ISBN – 10: o-9844569-0-2

ISBN – 13: 978-09844569-0-1

Outside LSAT

This book is a member of the growing group of LSAT books  that contain actual  LSAT questions but no  commentary or explanations.

Interesting book  – based on actual  LSAT questions that the author has identified as being “the most difficult”. It includes LSAT  questions from tests 1 – 28. I am not sure  how many of the questions are  from tests 1 – 7 (which are not available for purchase from Law Services and therefore their  inclusion would be a bonus). Like most of  the books  which are based  on actual LSAT questions, this book  does NOT contain explanations (which has been a reason for criticism in at least one review).  The “categorization of questions by type” is the “rage” when it comes to LSAT prep. If you you are a disciple of the “school of LSAT question categorization”, I am betting that you will like this book – lots of question categories. This book is contemplated to be used as either a “self prep” manual (it contains a “study plan/schedule”) or as an adjunct to a course.

Outside LSAT also  publishes a less expensive version of this book  which contains only the reading comprehension and logic games.

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