LSAT Canada

We still receive inquiries asking whether the LSAT in Canada is the same as the LSAT in the United States. To be clear:

The LSAT administered in Canada is exactly the same as the LSAT administered in the U.S.  The LSAT test dates in Canada are the same as the LSAT test dates in the U.S. All options for LSAT preparation options (LSAT books and LSAT courses in Canada) remain the same.

I know of no study that indicates that LSAT test takers in Canada score better or worse than LSAT test takers in the U.S. One of our former students wrote an very interesting article on the predictive ability of the LSAT.

The ABA is in the process of reconsidering whether the LSAT should be required as part of the admissions process in the U.S. It is interesting the LSAT has never been required. What has been required is a valid and reliable admissions test. (I have often thought that the GRE could be a substitute for the LSAT). It will be interesting to see how the resolution of this question impacts Canada. If the LSAT is no longer required in the U.S., will the LSAT continue to be required in Canada?

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