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LSAT Explanations — PrepTest 61 — Free PDF – Guest Post

What follows is a guest post from John Rood of Next Step Test Prep.

See below for free explanations to LSAT PrepTest 61

Until now, it has been difficult for students to get high-quality explanations to a lot of LSAT questions. The LSAC’s SuperPrep book has complete explanations, but to only 3 tests (and those tests are very old). Students who take prep courses have gotten these materials for years, but prep companies have wisely kept their most helpful material for their $1,000+ prep courses rather than their $15 off-the-shelf books.

Next Step Test Preparation has released complete explanations for 10 of the most recent LSAT Preptests (52-61). These are the tests contained in LSAC’s 10 New Actual Official LSAT PrepTests” book. (You’ll need that book to get any value out of our explanations — but you should have that book anyway as it’s the cheapest source of recent exams).

However, some students will get dramatically better score increases from explanations than others. Here are the right and wrong ways to use LSAT explanations:

Wrong way: read a LSAT question, then read the explanation, then read the next question, etc. This approach assures that you don’t actually attempt the questions and are probably not internalizing either the patterns on the exam nor your own strengths and weaknesses.

Right way: Take a full, timed practice test. (You should be doing this at least 1-2 times per weeks). Then, after you’ve completed the full test, correct it. Look at every question you missed and figure out why you missed it. Then, and only then, look at the explanation.

The right way assures that you’re making your best effort to get everything right, then applying what you know on questions you missed, then, finally, looking at a professional explanation to crystallize that lesson in your mind.

Free LSAT Explanations

For LSAT Books readers, we’ve made available complete explanations for PrepTest 61, completely free. Keep in mind that you’ll also need PrepTest 61 from the LSAC — the test questions aren’t printed in our book.

Download Explanations (Opens PDF)

If you find this resource helpful, the complete book is available for purchase here:

Next Step Test Preparation provides complete courses of one-on-one LSAT tutors for about the price of a crowded lecture-style prep course. Email us or call 888-530-NEXT (6398) for a complimentary consultation.

Knewton no longer offering LSAT course

This is interesting. Apparently Knewton discontinued LSAT preparation (at least live classes) on February 14, 2012. My impression was the Knewton was definitely one of the better online LSAT courses. Does this mean that online LSAT is not popular? Does it mean that the LSAT course business is saturated?

Thanks for stopping by.

Unfortunately, we’re no longer offering the Knewton LSAT course.

Over the past 3 years, Knewton has helped thousands of students achieve their goal LSAT scores—and get one step closer to the law school of their dreams.

But now, we’re taking a step back from the LSAT in order to bring our technology to the world.

We’ve created the Adaptive Learning Platform™ to transform educational content into a personalized experience for each learner. We’re currently partnering with publishers, schools, developers, and media companies to deliver personalized instruction on a large scale. Focusing on these new opportunities properly means giving up other things we want to do, and that now includes taking new customers in our LSAT Live course.

Thanks again for your interest in Knewton. Stay tuned! Become a Facebook fan, follow us on Twitter, or check out our blog for more.

Thoughts on LSAT Preparation – Let’s call it the “READ” test

Renaming The LSAT – Let’s call it the “READ” Test

Principle: The best acronyms should be descriptive acronyms!

What does the acronym “LSAT” stand for?

LSAT is an acronym that stands for “Law School Admission Test”.

The LSAT is:

– a four letter word;
– a barrier between you and the law school of your choice (or perhaps any law  school)
– a standardized test (every test taker gets the same questions);
– a multiple choice test (rewarding answer identification first and understanding second);
– a long test;
– a test administered under strict time constraints;
–  an important test

Read the complete  article here

The LSAT becomes social

I just received notice of this in an email from Grockit – looks like it might be interesting:


LSAT Students Now Have Access to Grockit’s Complete, Customizable and Collaborative Online Test Prep Program

SAN FRANCISCO, July 29, 2010 — Grockit (, a social network for studying that uses collaborative learning and develops adaptive programs for students, announced today the launch of its LSAT test prep program. The program incorporates the most current, licensed LSAT questions available with collaborative online learning methodology and peer-to-peer interaction to provide the most comprehensive and customizable test prep program available to students. Students have the opportunity to study alone or receive guidance from Grockit’s expert instructors.

Read more about LSAT social.

Grouped by question type – two new LSAT books

Grouped by question type – two new LSAT books

Traciela Publishing has produced two new additions to the LSAT prep books market.  Traciela publishes both an LSAT Logic Games book and an LSAT Logical Reasoning book that:

– contain LSAT practice test questions from tests 1 – 20

– group those questions by category

According to the publisher:

“Our books are unique in that they are the only LSAT books available that consist solely of real LSAT problems sorted by type.  These workbooks are meant for students who are already familiar with the concepts on the LSAT and just need more problems to practice with.  Previously this type of book was only available to students enrolled in test prep courses, and our goal was to level the playing field and provide quality study materials for those self-studying as well.  We’ve received great reviews so far, and would love to continue to get the word out about these new resources for those studying for the LSAT.  Below are links to more information about our two books.”

I will do a review of these books in a subsequent post. Until then, feel free to post  your thoughts in the comments section.

New LSAT Prep Books – From LSAT

LSAT Announces New LSAT Prep Books – Direct From LSAT

It’s been a long time coming. Finally, it looks like LSAT will be releasing some new LSAT Prep Publications. It will be too late for those of you taking the LSAT this year, but here is what appears to be in the works:

1. A new book of 10 Actual LSATs (although this won’t be the title). This should arrive in late 2010 or early 2011.

2. This one is really big news! A sequel to the Official LSAT SuperPrep. LSAT SuperPrep is the most important book for LSAT Prep. Think of it as “LSAT on the LSAT”. It should be thought of as:

“The one LSAT book that you can afford to buy, but can’t afford not to have!”

This will be a fantastic addition to the world of LSAT prep and  is almost certain to be adopted by all LSAT preparation courses. The bad news is that this is apparently not slated to arrive until 2012.

All of this strongly suggests that there are no format changes to the LSAT on the horizon!

Woman’s fight opens legal titans’ secret files

A comment about this article is:

“if it’s about equality,

why doesn’t the sentence “parental leaves and flexible schedules to allow female associates to attend to their families without thwarting their chances of becoming partners” read ‘parental leaves and flexible schedules to allow associates to attend to their families without thwarting their chances of becoming partners.”? Just askin’ is all.”


Kenneth Kidd

Feature Writer

In the wake of a lawsuit alleging “systemic, gender-based discrimination,” one of the country’s biggest law firms is being forced next week to reveal top-secret data on the way it compensates and promotes lawyers.

McCarthy Tétrault LLP must also release an internal report on the status of women at the firm prepared by Catalyst Inc., well-known consultants on gender issues in the workplace.

It’s believed to be the first time that a major Canadian law firm has been ordered to reveal such normally confidential information related to gender, one reason the case is attracting international attention in legal circles.

The Superior Court of Ontario has ordered McCarthys to provide that information as a result of a $12 million lawsuit filed by a former McCarthys partner, Diane LaCalamita.

To read the complete article:

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Knewton LSAT plans free release of LSAT 57

I just received the following:

“Studying for the LSAT? The June ’09 test is about to be released online for free…”

LSAT 57 was the June 2009 LSAT.  It included the “infamous” dinosaur game.

The moment the scores were released various LSAT test prep companies started talking about dinosaurs on the internet. These include:

BluePrint LSAT – Parts 1 – 3: