LSAT Preparation courses and LSAT tutoring

The LSAT is “high anxiety”. You will all consider enrolling in an LSAT course or getting some tutoring.  There are so many LSAT courses that it has become a job to keep track of them.

Here is a video that was clearly produced to promote LSAT courses.

When considering LSAT courses you should consider the following:

1. All LSAT questions are available to anybody. All you need do is order them from LSAT, amazon, craigslist, etc. Or just borrow them from your friends.

2. All LSAT courses teach from actual LSAT questions (although different courses use different questions).

3. The LSAT prep company is who gets your money and your LSAT teacher is the one who will make the course a good or bad experience.

4. The LSAT is a test of  “reading and reasoning” in context. Therefore LSAT preparation is designed to improve your “reading and reasoning” in the context of the LSAT.

5. You will do better if you concentrate less on “categorizing LSAT questions” and concentrate more on understanding the information in the questions.

6. The LSAT is multiple choice. Multiple choice rewards the “identification” of answers more than it rewards the “understanding” of answers.

Advice: Your choice of LSAT course (or tutor) should be based on the LSAT teacher and not on the company.

2 thoughts on “LSAT Preparation courses and LSAT tutoring

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